Advantages of PARSTRAP™ over Steel
• Higher Elongation Recovery
PARSTRAP™ does not cause damage to the product. It   keeps it well protected.
• Rust free & chemically inert. It does not leave any mark on   the pack.
• No sharp edges - will not cut or damage loads.
PARSTRAP™ does not spring back as violently as steel   when a tensioned strap is cut.
PARSTRAP™ is 80% lighter than steel, reducing freight cost. Additionally standard coils can be handled manually without infringing directives on manual lifting.
• Easy to handle & reduces machine downtime.
• Up to 4 times more strap per standard coil than steel.
Advantages of PARSTRAP™ over Polypropylene
• Can be tensioned up to 50% more than polypropylene strapping of equivalent size, stabilizing and preventing movement in the load.
• It will not relax or elongate unlike polypropylene
PARSTRAP™ is more temperature resistant than polypropylene.
• Lower camber tendency compared to polypropylene.
PARSTRAP™ will not break as polypropylene straps when tightened too much.
Advantages of PARSTRAP™ over Nylon
• Humid conditions - Retained tension in case of Nylon strapping is very low. This is not the case   with PARSTRAP™ .
• Higher break strength and tensile strength as compared to Nylon Strapping.
Benefits of PARSTRAP™

Product Protection:
No sharp edges, so product damages are minimized. It will also not rust and stain packs when exposed to moisture.

Shock Loading:
Performs well under shock loading since it takes two and half times the energy to break as steel straps of comparable break strength.

Has slight elasticity and so maintains strap tension by contracting with the pack in the event of Pack settlement.

Low Creep:
Has Low Creep properties, which means that the strap tension will not relax enabling packs to be moved safely even after extended periods of storage or transport.

Does not ‘Whiplash’ when removed, has no sharp edges and so there is no risk of injuries, thus creating a safer work environment for user.

Ease of Handling and Storage:
Improves productivity being six times lighter than steel for a given length. It also consumes less storage space and substantially reduces manual labour.

Weather Resistance:
Virtually unaffected by weather and harsh environment. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and holds tension even in extreme temperature and humidity.

Environment Friendly:
100% recyclable. PARSTRAP™ is the best alternative for applications that require high tensile strength, high retained tension and elongation.

PARSTRAP™ is the best alternative for applications that require high tensile strength, high retained tension and elongation.

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