Furus Packaging Pvt. Ltd. manufactures polyester strapping under the PARSTRAP™ brand name .

PARSTRAP™ is an innovative Packaging Product, not only because it is fully recyclable, but also because it has the heavy loading characteristic of Steel strap and the elasticity of Polypropylene (PP) strap.

PARSTRAP™ is available with embossed as well as plain surface. You also have the choice to print your company name and logo on the strap. This could serve as an added advertisement route to promote your company image.

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Strapping Methods

PARSTRAP™ should be applied around the loads at highest possible tension to take advantage of the strap strength. A good joint is essential to hold the strap ends togeather.


Seal : Strap ends can be sealed using either friction welding or ultrasonic welding. Strap ends may also be sealed using metal seal.

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