Unitization & Palletization

Unitized load is the most economical and accepted method of transporting material today and PARSTRAP™ strapping is one of the most popular unitization materials in the market. Strapping with PARSTRAP™ during palletizing is effective for stabilizing unstable loads throughout the distribution cycle.


Bricks & Blocks

The bundling of Bricks & Blocks by PARSTRAP™ has become the most popular method for unitizing bricks & blocks since it provides the sustained tension to maintain the integrity of these unpalletized loads without causing damage



High tensile strength coupled with controlled elongation, cost competitiveness, ease of handling are some of reasons why PARSTRAP™ has become the preferred choice for fiber, cotton and coir industries replacing baling wire. PARSTRAP™ does not have any sharp edges and also does not rust and damage the product.


Metal Industry

PARSTRAP™ has replaced steel strap in most of the metal industry because the cost is lower, it retains tension better than steel with products that compress during transit, does not rust, cut or snap like steel and is lighter for easier handling.


Other Applications

• Glass and Ceramic Industries
• Paper Industry
• Plywood Manufacturing Units
• Beverage Industry - Bottles & Cans Packaging
• Fiber Optics Cable Manufacturing
• Lead, Aluminium Ingot Packaging
• Construction Materials Industry
• Heavy Industries