Woven Strapping1

Woven Strapping is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns in a woven structure. Woven polyester strap is designed to replace and in many ways out-perform steel banding. It is both strong and gentle. It has a little elongation (stretch) combined with memory which then allows it to act like a big industrial rubber band during heavy impact.

Lashing Buckles

Our Polyester Woven Strapping products are available in a wide variety of widths and strengths.

Sizes Available:

25 mm

35 mm

40 mm

50 mm

Other Sizes available on demand.

Buckles for Woven Strapping

Welded Buckle
Forged Buckle

Wire Buckles are used for 25 mm and 35 mm width straps.

Forge Frame Buckle or Welded Frame Buckles are used for 40 mm & 50 mm width straps